The Alif Agency is dedicated to bringing Arab fiction to the German-language liter-ary market. As the only agency in this field, it mediates between Arab authors and German-language publishing firms with the objective of strengthening and ex-panding the presence of Arab literature in local book markets.


We place a particular emphasis on young authors – who bring new impulses to the literary scenes in their native countries, forging innovative styles in the proc-ess. For the Alif Agency, authors who have not yet been translated are every bit as important as those who have already been published in other languages.
We offer the literary works to a wide range of publishing houses in order to achieve a broader-based audience. The Alif Agency believes that Arab literature should no longer be treated as “Oriental”, but rather impartially, without stereo-types, allowing it to take its rightful place alongside current works within the full variety of world literature.



The goal of the Alif Agency is to help “Arabophone” literature to emerge from its niche existence, propelling it onto the German-language book market. By this means, the agency seeks to counteract the current trend of insisting on over-whelming cultural differences that masks the common humanity connecting all of us.